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Here is an example of how seller assist works and how it effects the home sale. A Buyer places a full price offer on a house listed at $100,000 but ask the seller pay 3% of the value toward the Buyer’s closing costs. This means the seller receives $97,000 from the sale (not full price as it may seem). The buyer is still mortgaging $100,000. So effectively “Seller Assist” is a credit from the seller to the buyer that the buyer then finances back into the mortgage.
Below are short details of how seller’s assist can be utilized with certain types of home loans.
Buyers may choose an FHA loan is because of the low-down money required and the allowed seller contributions are up to 6%. This helps them greatly to cover most their closing costs.
There are two components to assisted cost with VA 1. Mortgage concessions (are capped at 4%) can cover items such as termite inspection, lender fees or money for repairs on the home that is being bought. 2. Closing Cost there is no cap to the percentage of closing, however the amount for “closing cost” cannot be higher than the actual closing cost.
By law lender fees cannot be paid by the VA Buyer, to protect the Seller from unreasonably high fees the VA Addendum can limit these fees, i.e. $400.
Conventional Mortgages the seller assist is tiered, if a buyer is paying a 5% down payment; the Seller is permitted to pay up to 3% of the sales price toward the closing costs. A buyer with 10% to 24% down payment allows 6% Seller assistance and finally a buyer with 25% down payment allows seller assist of 9%.
These guidelines do change periodically; it is always best to check with your agent and lender for the most up to date information.
*I want sellers and buyers to understand that SELLER ASSIST IS NEGOTIABLE, it is NOT REQUIRED TO BE automatically GIVEN by the seller to the buyer, when Seller’s Assist is agreed upon it has to be written into the Agreement of Sale, i.e. Sales Contract.

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