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First work with a real estate professional who you feel comfortable with. Buying a home is huge financial commitment and can be an emotional experience. The agent you choose needs to be skilled and a good match to your personality.
Decide specifically what features you absolutely want or don’t want in a home. You will save valuable time by avoiding viewing houses that won’t work for you.
You need to determine if you are looking for a starter house with the intentions of moving up in a few years OR if wish to stay in this home for many years to come. Share these thoughts and discuss them your agent and your mortgage professional.
If you find a home early in your search, choose to make an offer because you love it. Don’t try to wait for lower interest rates and lower market values. The truth is home values and interest rates have a history of fluctuation, however large changes happen over the course of months, years or more. A good home won’t stay on the market long. Be aware waiting to make your offer may not only allow you to miss out on the home you love, but interest rates and values could change ever so slightly during the period you are looking to buy and rise instead of fall. That is the two-fold situation you want to avoid.
There is no perfect home. Every house will have flaws. You are looking for a home that fits your needs best, the location you desire and your target price range. Try not to be overly picky, focus on the things that are most important to you when viewing homes and look past minor imperfections. No home will ever be perfect, there is no perfect.
The physical aspects a house like room sizes and kitchens are not the only features to consider when buying. You need to also consider noise (trains, planes, automobiles) distance to places you travel to the most, can have a big impact on what it’s going to like to living in your new house. So many times I hear I love my house if only I could just pick it up and move it.
You are buying a home, it is natural to ask for opinions and thoughts but too many influences makes it much harder to come to a decision. The only pro and con list that matters is yours. You are the one buying.
Don’t make an unreasonably low offers “to get the best deal” the art of negotiation is definitely a part of the buying and selling process, but trying to “win” by getting an extra-low price may lose you the home you love. Always review comparable sales prices with your agent before you decide to put an offer in writing. This may even prevent you from making an offer that would prove to be unreasonably high, which can create complications in your transaction as well.
I cannot stress this enough, Plan your financing. Did you look over your credit report? Do you have enough money to cover your down payment and your closing costs? What available types of mortgages are open to you? How long do you plan on living in the home? Do not wait until you’ve found a home to get approved for a mortgage. Seek these answers now, before viewing homes is highly recommended. Trust me, being a prepared buyer makes a world of difference in your overall experience.
After you have a mortgage pre-approval consider your monthly payment and what you truly can comfortably afford. You should not desire to be “house poor”. If you max out or over extend your budget you will have no money left for maintenance, personalization, minor updates and other important financial expenses. Even if you buy a new home, there will be some things that you may want to change.

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