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Initial Consultation
Review Agency Options and determine what type of working relationship we will have.
Determine your priorities, needs and motivation for selling your home.
You will give me a tour of your home and we will discuss “A To Do List” before we market the house.
Setting the Right Price
I will provide a comparable market analysis which walks you through what your home should be able to sell for.
We determine your home’s marketable value, by reviewing the sales price of nearby homes that have recently sold, listing price of similar homes that are currently on the market and the overall condition and location of homes most like yours.
Marketing Your Home
I will market your home to attract the interest of the right buyer. Today home buyers heavily use the internet in their home search, our marketing plan will include focused online activities, in addition to print advertising and open houses.
We will discuss the best days and times to schedule your homes photoshoot. It is your job to have your home photo ready meaning clean and tidy.
Home Showings, Once marketing begins buyers will want to view your home. I will ask if you have preferred days and times to schedule showings and if there are any days/times that are impossible for you to accommodate. You will have to keep in mind that sometimes you may have to be flexible, a home that can’t be shown is a home that won’t sell.
Receiving an Offer, Negotiation and Under Agreement
Once a buyer views your house and decides to make an offer, terms are agreed upon and the home you are selling is “Under Contract” or ie Under agreement. There are still a few steps before you have truly sold your home.
1. Inspections
Once a buyer and seller have a signed contract on a property many times home an inspector is hired to investigate and determine if the home needs any repairs. An inspector will check items, such as the roof, basement, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, and electrical.
2. Appraisals
If the buyer obtaining a mortgage to buy your home a bank will require an appraisal. Depending on the lender, type of mortgage the buyer was approved for or the terms stated in the AOS the house may have to appraise for purchase price and the home must pass certain requirements for the sale to be completed.
3. More Negotiation is Possible
Negotiation involves everything from settling on a sales price, dates, concessions, financing, and repairs. It is my job as your listing agent to represent your best interests during the give and take of a real estate transaction.
4. Escrow and Title
An escrow company will monitor the money trail process until the transaction is complete. The title company will make sure all documents are correctly recorded, and all money is distributed accordingly.
5. Closing
Prior to closing, you’ll receive a settlement statement sheet outlining the fees that you will be paying in connection with the sales process.
At closing, all the paperwork is signed by the buyer and seller, both parties pay settlement fees and the documents are officially recorded.
You give the new owners the keys.
Make sure the utilities are notified that you are no longer living at the property.

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