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  A buyer’s first viewing of your home are the photos they see online. I need your help to get the best possible pictures. Make sure no dishes are in the sink, clean dishes are put away, stove top and oven should be clean as well. Carpets should be clean and vacuumed, laundry is put away or at least in a hamper in the closet, not on the floor, same with shoes. Beds are made. Dust fans, heating and AC vents and clearing out cobwebs on ceilings and walls. If you have already started packing get all the boxes in one room or area of the house. Make sure bathrooms are clean, garbage cans are hidden or emptied. Holes in walls are patched and painted. If you haven’t painted in years and your walls are marked and stained, you may want to consider making this small investment. If painting is out of the question at least consider wiping down the really bad areas. Be sure lawn is maintained, trim shrubs. If it’s fall, rake the leaves. If it’s winter, shovel the walkways, de-clutter as much as possible, inside and out.

  You will have showings. Your home should present as neat and clean as possible. You will be surprised all the details a picture will show. We can’t get great pictures if you don’t prepare. If a buyer gets the impression you don’t value your home, they won’t see the value in it either. Buyers often get the impression if they can see signs of neglect just by walking in what other possible major items are being neglected too?

  Be mindful to check for leaking or dripping plumbing, check and repair damaged or unsightly caulking, light bulbs are working, doors, windows and cabinets close properly, all staircases are cleared of clutter, wires/cords are out of the way. Now is the time to try and organize your closets, the larger they appear the better. So if you have items you have been meaning to part with now’s the time to box up them up and donate them. Bathrooms and Kitchens sell homes so let yours do their part, display your best hand towels, mats, window coverings and shower curtains. Light it up! Open curtains and drapes to let the sun shine in. Turn on all your lights, both inside and outside when showing your home, whether it’s day or night keep it bright.

  Got Pets? We all love our fur babies, please make safe arrangements for your furry family members when perspective buyers come into the home. It’s possible that your pet can get underfoot, frightened or even run for the door and get out. We want to avoid these issues at all cost.

Ever go nose blind? Those commercials are no lie. Odor can be real turn off to buyers. I have seen great homes sit on the market for no other reason than it smells. Try to air out the home prior to a showing, lighting a candle, baking cookies is a great strategy. Avoid spaying fragrant aerosols just before an open house or a showing, as they tend to be over powering at first then fade quickly. FYI there are some smells that come from serious issues. If you suspect an issue that maybe the cause of an odd odor have it investigated before a buyer comes into your home.

  If you must be home during a showing or an open house be friendly and polite but keep a low profile. Buyers want the ability to view the home at their own pace with some privacy. Hovering over them you will likely make them feel uncomfortable causing them to leave earlier than they would have liked. Even if they are comfortable with you hanging about and carrying on in a conversation with you, the buyers focus is no longer going to be just on the house. When prospects want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert -me. Don’t discuss any of these details with another agent or a possible buyer.

  Before showings and open houses please make sure to put all cash, jewelry, medications and other items of high value away or under lock and key. We as agents do keep eyes and ears open for suspicious activity, of course we will notice if they are walking out with your TV but Buyers will open closets and cabinets that it not uncommon, tiny items aren’t always noticed. I want you to be cautious and mindful of your valuables. Many agents know and their buyers very well so it is a rare occurrence that anything is ever taken but still be cautious.

  Finally, we are going to place your home on the market to SELL it, otherwise we are just listing it and that it not the GOAL the GOAL is to SELL. In order to sell your home, buyers must have opportunity to view your house. The more flexible you are about showing times the more buyers will view it. I also suggest that you consider planning to have at least one open house. You play an important role in the sale of your property, so get ready and prepare to SELL.

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